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SEO & Content Marketing for health professionals

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I'm so happy you're here! If you're looking to increase your organic traffic through SEO or content marketing, but aren't sure where to start - you're in the right place. I help creatives, health professionals & wellness entrepreneurs increase their qualified traffic organically.

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SEO & Content Marketing for wellness entrepreneurs

Meet Ash

Hi! I’m Ash. I am a Holistic Nutritionist turned SEO and Content Marketing specialist. I have been in the health and wellness space for over 5 years after working as an RHN both in clinic and running my own nutrition and mental health blog.


In more recent years, I made the switch to Digital Marketing and now help other passionate creatives and wellpreneurs make a bigger impact in their lives and careers.

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Ready. Set. Grow.


Did you know that almost 50% of searches done on Google are for local businesses? Local SEO is a must-have for all Yoga Studios, Naturopathic Clinics, and local businesses! 


Are you wanting to drive traffic to your online program but have NO idea where to start? A custom blog strategy can help you rank for more keywords to increase qualified traffic to generate more leads – organically.


Are you a graphic designer in the health and wellness space with a creative flair but a mild hate-on for SEO? Let me take over your analytical components and combine our opposite brain powers to stay in our personal zones of genius!

What Past Clients Are Saying

I am so so very honoured and happy to have found Ashley. She single handedly changed the course of my business with her knowledge and expertise in SEO and digital marketing. I never once questioned     my decision to hire her and I attribute a lot of my success directly from the work she’s done. She is an honest person with integrity and a kickass worth ethic. She responds in a timely manner and will not steer you in the wrong direction. As someone who didn’t know much about SEO, she was patient with answering any and all of my questions and educated me in other areas I didn’t know much about. She is definitely one of the best business investments I’ve made and there’s truly no price tag I can put on the value she brings to me. I’ve absolutely loved working with her and I will continue to hire her for small projects.

- Veronica Edwards, President of Fraiche Fit Meals